What to See in Koh Chang (Thailand)

According to TOEFL Test Centers, the Chang Archipelago is located southeast of Bangkok off the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. “Chang” is translated from Thai as “elephant”, because the outlines of the largest island with the same name, Koh Chang, resemble the head of an elephant. Koh Chang is about 30 km long and 18 km wide and is the third largest island in Thailand. Its relief is dominated by hills, the highest point of the island is Cau Thiom Phisat (744 m above sea level). Most of the island is occupied by tropical forest. Koh Chang is best visited between December and March during the “dry season”.

In 1982, most of the Chang Archipelago (85%) was declared a National Marine Park .. The total area of the reserve is 650 square meters. km, 70% of which is ocean. The park includes numerous beaches on the western and southern coasts of the main island, its waterfalls, as well as coral reefs of coastal waters. A large number of hard and soft corals, sponges, giant clams, and fish live in the waters of the national park; land animals include macaques, Indian civet, Javanese mongoose and about 60 species of birds.

Tourists are most attracted to the beaches of the west coast islands. These are Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach), Khlong Son, Khlong Prao, Cai Bae, Bai Lan, Ta Nam and Bang Bao. Near each beach there are numerous bungalows where tourists live. Hat Sai Khao Beach is the most popular and longest on the island. It’s very crowded here. The northern part of Hat Sai Khao is composed of sand, and in the southern part there are a lot of stones. During low tide, the beach becomes much wider, which attracts those who like to walk. A little further north is Khlong Son Beach. It stretches along the cape and is surrounded by coconut palms. Klong Prao Beach is very quiet and peaceful, and from Cai Bae Beach to the nearby islands, Ta Nam Beach is known as the “deserted beach”, and its northern part is considered to be the best for swimming on the entire west coast.

In the coastal waters of Koh Chang you can go diving. The best time for diving is from October to April. Local coral reefs are located at depths of 5 to 30 m, visibility here is about 20 m. The underwater world of these places is very diverse, while diving you can see hard and soft corals, sponges, giant clams, fish, moray eels and even whale sharks. In the areas of Hin Luk Bat and Hin Lap, seamounts rise from the seabed. There are two shipwrecks in the Koh Chang area. The Thai warship lies off the coast of Salakpet in the southern part of the island and was sunk by the French in 1941. It is located at a depth of 15 m. Another ship sank in 1996 after it landed on a coral reef. This 900-ton tanker lies at a depth of 35 m. On Koh Chang there are interesting places besides beaches and dive sites. The island is a great place for hikers. The best routes pass through the tropical jungle of the southern part of the island and the central regions. Moreover, you can travel here not only on foot, but also on elephants.

Of particular interest to tourists are the waterfalls of the island. The most popular is Tan Mayom Falls on the east coast. This is a three-level waterfall that flows into the lake. Throughout the entire flow of water, a hiking trail has been laid, which allows you to get to the very top of the waterfall. Also interesting is the Klong Pru Waterfall, it is located near the beaches of Klong Prao and Kai Bae. It is worth noting that all the waterfalls of the island are one of the main sources of fresh water. While traveling many birds can be seen in the rainforests, especially in the areas of Khao Laem and Khao Yai, where the hornbill is most interesting.

They get to Koh Chang from the province of Trat, bordering Cambodia. In the center of the province there is an airport where planes arrive from Bangkok. There is a ferry from the mainland to Koh Chang.

Koh Chang (Thailand)