What Bikini Prefer? Bloggers Show Their Models

Tomorrow the majority of our readers they will begin holiday (what luck have some!) While it is our duty to go on reporting of what is happening in the world of fashion for those less fortunate. The fact is that long ago the bloggers that they are on vacation and thus they show us in your entries. The favorite destination? Those who have Beach, is clear! Because the summer is for lie down under the Sun and do … nothing.

What Bikini Prefer Bloggers Show Their Models

And who lives in a constant vacation is the Italian Chiara Ferragni. Countless have been travel that has made since the beginning of 2012, and thus has been showing it in its personal page. (Not healthy) envy is what I feel for these trips where luxury and savoir-faire are Nick them.

Yes, your bathing suit or bikini fluorine is ideal but … expensive)more than 100 euros). Therefore, if you need a similar version you can find it at Pull and Bear. I love it! But continuing with the topic bloggers, we now focus on Monica month voyages to Paris between Mexico and Miami This girl does not stop. Your version? By triangle TCN.

Retro Aires for your model

But if you are tired of always the same look and worship the retro Aires Maybe that models of these girls you fall in love. The of Gala Gonzalez I found it spectacular and that I feel like a glove, but I know that would be my tremendous. What do you think?

The same thing happens to me with the of the author of diary of a coolhunter: signs Cortana and his bottom with ruffle has seemed the most.

And to finish a model of whole body courtesy of Saray Dans vogue. What you think about your choice?

Will these girls be real?