Visa to Brunei

To enter the territory of Brunei, citizens of Russia and the CIS require a visa.

Applying for a visa
To obtain a visa, you must submit the following documents to the consular department of the Brunei Embassy: a
passport valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country. The passport must have at least 4 blank pages;
2 visa application forms completed in English and signed personally by the applicant;
2 color or black-and-white photographs 3 x 4 cm in size;
confirmation of the hotel reservation with the stamp and signature of the responsible person or an invitation from the host in Brunei
round-trip air tickets or a copy thereof (tickets with an open date will not be accepted for consideration);
for children – the original and a copy of the birth certificate.

Validity of the visa
The validity of the visa is 3 months from the date of issue, the period of stay in the country is set in accordance with the terms specified in the invitation.

Term for issuing a visa
The term for issuing a visa is 1 month.

Transit visa
A transit visa can be issued directly upon arrival at the airport. To do this, you must submit the following documents: a
passport, the validity of which is at least six months at the time of entry into the country;
visa to the country of final destination, if required;
air tickets to the final destination, confirming that the departure will take place within 72 hours from the moment of arrival in Brunei;
confirmation of the availability of sufficient financial resources for the entire period of stay in the country at the rate of 60 US dollars per person per day or a letter from the inviting party (a company officially registered in Brunei or a citizen of Brunei) in which the inviter assumes financial and other obligations related to the stay passenger in the country, and also guarantees his departure from the country within 72 hours.
The transit visa is valid for 72 hours. The visa fee is 20 USD.

Entry Restrictions
Visas may be denied to persons with passport stamps indicating that they have visited Israel. Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter Brunei.

Visa to Brunei