The 12 Best Hamburger Fast Food Used to Set Aside The Operation Bikini (No Regrets)

We are in summer and there is something that plagues our mind: the operation bikini. It will be that we put too high expectations or We are of good eating, but every year we never got our would unattainable? objectives. And who cares? Eating is a pleasure to It should be enjoyed and occasionally you will have a tribute with oneself. If you are planning a getaway to United States y love the burgers, Behold the 12 places that you must visit Yes or Yes. Grab the map and starts to point.

Completo PAL Sudden Service

  • Where? Tennessee and Virginia.
  • What to ask? Basic burgers but bully where size matters.
  • The best. Its cool and fun aesthetics.

In-n – out

  • Where? California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and Oregon.
  • What to ask? Their menu is simple and easy: double burger with lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese – or version – in addition to potato chips. What people don’t know is that it has a secret menu with thousand and one varieties…
  • The best. In addition to its aesthetic of yesteryear, this place cool by the quality of their products (fresh), its (very cheap) price and po animal style sauce… Ask for it.

Johnny Rockets

  • Where? Is present in 36 of the 50 States, in addition to locations all over the world (Mexico, Honduras, Germany…).
  • What to ask? There are many varieties of burgers, sandwiches, salads, dishes to share like onion rings and a few shakes that breathtaking. But since we left side diet, why not put us Route 66 version? Swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions grilled and mayonnaise.
  • The best. The sympathy of their workers as well as their great offer when choosing dish.

Fat Burger

  • Where? It is by all United States as well as other sites including China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Malaysia – among others-.
  • What to ask? Burgers simple but great variety: from the version of meat, passing through Turkey, chicken or even the vegetable. In addition, the potatoes may be thick or thin.
  • The best. Its versatility within the simplicity of the dishes. Good quality for a fast food chain.


  • Where? Hollywood, Los Angeles.
  • What to ask? The menu is so varied that despite being a burger one can choose from sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs or salads.
  • The best. James Corden is regular to appear in this place in the Carpool with celebrities…


  • Where? Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • What to ask? For tastes… Burgers. This place is a temple for the State of Texas and the variety makes it difficult to stay between one of its proposals.
  • The best. Versions are more healthy that deviate from contain thousands of calories, so one can enjoy the delicacy without regrets end up spoiling the moment.

Cook out

  • Where? Southeast of the United States.
  • What to ask? With four different sizes (small, regular, double or giant) the variety on their menu is endless. Burgers chicken, pork or beef as well as a selection of hot dogs. Thirsty? This place offers more than 40 shakes.
  • The best. Its philosophy is based on speed but offering quality and fresh products.

Culver completo

  • Where? Midwest of the United States.
  • What to ask? 9 different types of burgers (a part of chicken dishes and sandwiches) make this is Allah most famous Burger in the mid-west of the United States.
  • The best. If you’re greedy for excellence you will have to try their ice cream…


  • Where? Oregon and Washington.
  • What to ask? A total of six types of burgers where that more triumphs is the Colossal Burger.
  • The best. If you’re a fan of the typical American… This is your place.


  • Where? They are present in 44 of the 50 States.
  • What to ask? As its name suggests, the chicken is the only food served in this place so beloved by Americans.
  • The best. Their advertising campaigns launched over the years.

Mel completo Diner

  • Where? East Coast and costa West.
  • What to ask? Being of a dinner, there are dishes of all kinds (pasta, combined, etc), but their selection of hamburgers are worth to be tested.
  • The best. The design of all its hamburger are so cool that one wants to stay there and take photos from all angles.

The Apple bread

  • Where? Los Angeles.
  • What to ask? This place is famous for its burgers and its apple ultra feet. Keep in mind one thing: every one of his proposals is high-calorie, so the operation bikini will go to hell.
  • The best. This place of yesteryear has not changed its aesthetic ever, but still looks modern and has a tremendous point.