Philips Blade, Two Slender Monitors Who Have Fulfilled The Operation Bikini

Slender designs have become one more item when assessing similar gadgets. Each time we have thinner devices and perhaps the screens, along with smartphones, which most look with a magnifying glass to see if they are really thin. In addition, in the case of the former, transformation has been spectacular since he became of the CRT.

Philips wants to make this feature, the thickness, one of the main virtues of its new range of monitors Blade. With a thickness of 12. 9 mm and with two models, one of 23 and another 24 aims to offer us a good image quality without barely occupy space on your desktop.

The 24-inch model, available in black used AMVA panels making that contrast ratios are very high so the colors are brighter. His brother’s 23, in white color, used IPS with an angle of almost 180 degrees without losing any quality from any position.

We found a very interesting detail of these monitors at its base. In it we have all the touch-sensitive controls. Tickets of different connectors are on the rear side of the base by what cables will not be just once we have placed them.

Price and availability

The 24-inch Blade is now available for sale at a price of 269 EUR. In the case of the 23 Blade will have to wait at the end of the month to see what their recommended retail price: 229 EUR.