“Operation Bikini” of The Galaxy Tab Also Be Applied À La 10.1

When Apple announced the iPad2 characteristics, not only the fans of Apple were attentive. Samsung took notes, and the first thing I thought is “ have to lose weight our tablets ”. Well said and done, operation bikini singing, and in record time. If yesterday have been progressing that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 would remain at 8.6 millimeters thick (0. 2 mm less than the iPad2), today confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 also achieved that enviable silhouette.

Operation Bikini of the Galaxy Tab Also Be Applied À La 10.1

So we have two tablets, one of the same size screen as the iPad2, and both overcoming him in thick. The iPad2 screen is good, no doubt, but even Apple fans expected more in this aspect. As the Galaxy Tab 8.9 display has a higher density of pixels per inch (169.6 PPI front 131.96 PPI), having the same resolution that more compact version 10.1 in screen, 1280 × 800 (iPad 2 remains in 1024 × 768 on a screen of 9.7 inches). And the two lower 600 grams.

I recognize that I need information of the capability of the GPU the Samsung to consider them above the iPad 2 in every sense, the objective of Samsung. Well, the starting price of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is $20 more expensive than the iPad (499 to 478 dollars, both in version only WiFi, 16 GB), but come on, think that Apple has played with the advantage of saving is a USB port, which are now in the clouds. Oh, and the novelty of stereo sound.

Great job by Samsung, that It has reduced more than 4 mm your tablets in just weeks. The greatest drawback … that the iPad2 is already on sale, and the Galaxy Tab won’t be ready until summer. The Galaxy Tab was not the Android tablet that I wanted to, but this already look much better.