Operation Bikini for All: Galaxy Engadget

Another Friday more (already there is less for summer xataker@s) and here we are again providing your review of all the highlights of the technological world that surrounds us, where we have found many cuts in rates, price of consoles and applications. Yes, it’s time for our Galaxy Engadget.

Operation Bikini for All Galaxy Engadget

  • There’s nothing like the photographs of others to discover interesting destinations, where you can repeat shots or simply pleased to have gone to that magical place.
  • One of the doubts and problems with which the novel Android user is (with their brand new rate flat newly hired) it is usually the APN configuration its operator. Thank goodness we have Xatakandroid to resolve the doubts.
  • If you like Spotify, be sure to take a look at what is already considered as its equivalent in the world of electronic books. In XatakaOn have tried it.
  • If you dream to get one Sony PSP, now is the time. Sony has lowered its price to a few irresistible 130 euros.
  • In the world of mobile, Vodafone launches for prepaid with your new customers rate XS8. The details have in Xatakamovil.
  • If you want to keep track of your appearance in the operation bikini, the best app that you can find is Every Day App. I’m already testing it.
  • This week Google has not been protagonist of the the software world and we give you the honor of being in our Galaxy Engadget the new Gnome 3.0.
  • We ended up with a few tips from the new publication GenbetaDev for developers: how to prepare a job interview.