La Fever ‘OperacióN Bikini’ in Our March 2011 Supergadgets

After hectic of the Mobile World Congress, March comes as a step in which we still waiting for it to go on sale some of the tablets that we saw in Barcelona. Those who are have not pray have been the guys at Apple, who have taken advantage of the month to present and to sell its iPad 2, that effective philosophy that which gives first, gives twice.

March also we have brought the date, we hope to ultimately launch the Blackberry Playbook. Another gadget accompanying ultrathin and ultralight, portable Samsung Series 9. All three have earned your votes as Supergadgets of the month.

iPad 2, flawless landing in stores

The iPad 2, like so many other Apple products, live in a curious paradox. Experts from the community Engadget have valued with a quite hit note, a 6.8. However, is a long list of people who want it (44 readers as of today) and there are a select group that has been done with him.

The renewal of the Apple tablet has brought us less thick, dual camera, new A5 dual core processor and a curious magnetic case. The iPad 2 It is a continuous commitment, but it has in its favour having come first to the market and the amazing carelessness of other manufacturers when it comes to sell its alternatives.

Apple has had the good judgment to maintain, in the iPad 2, very positive aspects of the first version as the battery life 10 hours and the price. That, coupled with the well-oiled machinery of applications and IOS user experience inevitably rise it to the podium of March supergadgets.

BlackBerry Playbook, the most desired

Although it is not the best punctuated by the Community (the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a note of 9.4 compared only 8.2 of the model of RIM), the Blackberry Playbook is, probably, the most coveted. 59 users are waiting for their departure as may water. After several delays and a blow to shares of Research in Motion, seems that the Blackberry tablet will come to the United States and Canada stores the April 19. His landing in these parts is still, unfortunately, unknown.

The price in euros, still no one knows nothing officially. In the United States sold from $500 so, applying more unfavorable conversion, it will be roughly in the range of prices for the iPad 2.

Although powerful and very well designed in the software section, the Playbook playing with the disadvantage of facing IOS and Android application stores. RIM has tackled this problem by announcing Android 2.3 applications compatibility. We hope that the release of this second supergadget not postpone further this month or its creators are going to go wrong to regain the advantage you are giving to the iPad 2 and models with Honeycomb.

Samsung Series 9. The long shadow of the Macbook Air

The third team to come into the podium of the supergadgets of March is the ultraportable Samsung Series 9. The latest creation by the Korean looks like the dark side of a Macbook Air. Extremely fine (16.3 mm) and light (1.06 kg) the Samsung Series 9 intanta give the replica to the ultra-portable Apple with 128GB storage SSD, up to 4GB of RAM and Intel Core i5.

The opinion of the community is quite unanimous. The Series 9 win a Macbook Air connectivity (carries ports USB 3.0) and processor speed, but loses in graphic power and battery life. Its high price ($1,649) is also above the model of Apple.

On sale this month of April, the Series 9 original, of 13 inch, will arrive accompanied by a model of 11 inch with 64GB SSD, disk 2GB of memory and processors Intel Core i3. It is unknown the price of this new version, so it will have to be attentive to the news. This obscure object of desire of Samsung has a score of 9.4 and 24 readers already covet it.