How to Select the Right Swimwear

Selecting a swimsuit can be painful and pointless exercise. It is still possible to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly to your body and makes you look great. This article will show you, step by step, how to select the right swimsuit and then do not regret their choice.How to Select the Right Swimwear 1


1. Get to Know Your Body

Find out what is exactly your form of the body. According to your body type – i.e. where most often accumulate fat – define the exact pattern of a bathing suit that shows only what would attract others with one piece bikini from bridgat. Depending on the structure and shape you differ the following types:

  • Pear– If your hips are substantially wider than the waist and bust, then you’re probably right that shape – pear. When this structure is filling most notably in the area of the hips, buttocks and hips.
  • Apple– If shoulders are much wider than your hips, you’re this structure – apple. Typical of them were thin legs, while the abdomen and chest look bigger. Filling is mostly in the area of the abdomen, chest or face.
  • Hourglass– If the bust and hips are almost the same width and your waistline is significantly less, are classic hourglass. Filling mostly in the area of the breasts, hips and buttocks.
  • Banana– If you are weak and have no significant difference between the hips, waist and bust, they belong to this square form. Filling around the abdomen, thighs, chest and face.

2. Prepare

Before heading out to the shops, look for the best swimsuit suppliers. It is best to remove all unwanted hair, and only then to leave to search the right swimsuit. Do not forget to wear underwear! Each shop requires checking swimwear underwear. However, it is more hygienic!

3. Choose the right shop for swimwear.

There are shops that specialize in selling swimwear. So do a little research to find one that will work entirely for you. If you are not very demanding, you can select and department stores, which also sell swimwear. Online shopping is another option, but there is a risk of it not hit the exact size, color or all the model you do not like.How to Select the Right Swimwear 2

4. The secret of the perfect swimsuit

Choose colors and fabrics that will highlight the best features of your body and belittle those who want to hide. The secret of good swimsuit is to attract the attention on the most flattering parts of your figure. This will make you feel more comfortable.

Here are some tips to follow:
– To highlight the area you like, use bright colors and patterns.
– To hide what you do not like, use darker, solid colors.
– If you have pale skin, use black or deep vivid colors like dark purple, dark blue, brown.
– If you have dark skin, light colors will actually be the most flattering for you and will help you hide what you want.
– To add volume (breast or thighs), select a model with ruffles in this area if you are interested in retro swimsuits.

Do not be afraid to buy separate sets (ie only a portion thereof) that do not match perfectly! If you want to accentuate the bust, but want to emphasize on his hips, the upper part of the bathing suit you can buy in a lighter color, while the lower part is in the dark as blue, black or brown (depending on top part).

5. Select the Correct Model

Here are some tips about what to prefer and what to avoid:
– Choose whole swimsuit if you want to hide your waistline. Best to be dark and dense color.
– The high waist can also conceal the waist. Again, it is advisable to choose a dark color.
– Swimming tankian will highlight the waistline, as it will attract eyes only on the part of the body that show. If you love your waistline, but not so the hips or bust, choose this swimsuit.
– Swimsuit type boxer, make the hips look wider, regardless of color. If you have a large bust and hips you want to match both classic hourglass shape, select this type of swimsuit. However, note that this option is not suitable for all women and sometimes brings inconvenience.
– Shear bikini make legs look longer. If you have short stature, this is the perfect model for you! If you are during pregnancy, you’d better go to this online shop.
– If you want to attract attention to her breasts, you should definitely choose a triangular cup.
– If you have a small bust and you want it to look bigger, choose a model with pads. It will pull your chest closer to each other will raise them and make them look bigger.
– If you have a large bust, whatever model you choose, remember that it must be hard cup and thick straps. This well will emphasize your bust and will reduce it.How to Select the Right Swimwear 3

6. Choose a Swimsuit, Suitable for Everyday Use

There is no point buying too sophisticated and modern bathing suit just to look modern on the beach. Bet comfort! Let bathing you be comfortable! A swimsuit can be very sexy if be selected in the appropriate color and be consistent with the shape of the body.


– Do not follow fashion trends, if they do not match your figure. Fashion is not a determining factor when choosing a swimsuit. It should be comfortable and keep you fit!
– As long as you feel comfortable in a swimsuit, do not worry about what other people think. If you feel comfortable, even though people say that this is the right swimsuit for your figure, it is better not to wear.

7. Ask for Professional Help

If you have tried to choose a swimsuit yourself, but simply does not occur, then contact a professional who will guide you in the right direction. Be candid with him about what you are looking for and what you want to hide. In this way he will be able quickly and accurately respond according to your needs.How to Select the Right Swimwear 4


– Take with you a trusted friend to give you and your opinion on how you stand swimsuit.
– Do not believe in that as a more expensive one swimsuit, so it is better and more convenient.
– Be honest with yourself about what you look like a bikini. If your skin is bulging from everywhere, it might be better to bet a larger amount. Do not be surprised if the size of the bikini does not coincide exactly with yours. Visit if you are a plus size women.
– Swimsuits typically expand when wet, so make sure that bathing is not too big before you buy. Still do not want to lose it when you dive into the pool!

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