Before the trip to Oman

Passport and Visa
Nordic citizens must apply for an e-visa electronically at (tourist visa, 30 days). Visa on arrival is no longer given on arrival. Check that your passport is valid 6 months after the return journey. The passport must not be cracked or missing sides. Temporary passports are not accepted.

Vaccinations and health
Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that applies to care abroad. Examine what your home insurance covers. Additional travel insurance can be ordered through Phoenix Travel. Bring documentation of current travel / health insurance. Medicines should be stored in the original packaging where it is clear what type of medicine it is. If you use prescription drugs, you should have a copy of the prescriptions in English that you can get from the pharmacy or from the doctor who prescribed them. Store the medicines (with prescription) in your hand luggage.

Weather and clothes
You should cover your shoulders and knees and avoid short shorts and dresses as well as tank tops that do not cover the upper part of the chest and shoulders. Pirate pants are a suitable alternative for those who do not want long pants in the heat. Avoid overly tight clothing or transparent garments. Women can buy a shawl to easily and quickly cover shoulders and upper body with. Never wear swimwear or what may be perceived as challenging attire outside the beach or pool area, even if you are only going a short distance. This applies to both women and men. Men can of course have a bare torso on the beach or by the pool, but not at the supermarket or at the ice cream kiosk.

United Arab Emirates: Rial (OMR)

Transport and Communications
Taxi, Local Bus. The price for a taxi should be determined in advance.

Food and drinks
Omani food is strongly influenced by Indian cuisine; Tandoori, masala or tikka meat and fish are on most restaurant menus. So much so that one considers biryani (an Indian dish consisting of spicy rice with chicken, lamb or fish) as a national dish, just like kabsa or makbous (same ingredients, but the rice is enriched with tomato sauce). You also see a lot of food from the Middle East (several Lebanese restaurants) such as chawarma, skewers, meze and falafel. Muscat has Thai and Chinese restaurants, as well as pizzerias. Hotels often serve buffets and barbecue dinners in the gardens to enjoy the cool of the evening. The fish is very fresh and comes from the local fishery. In addition, the quality and hygiene of food is monitored through regular inspections by the Ministry of Health. Sweet desserts are popular, such as halwa, an Omani specialty served with coffee, which can be flavored with saffron, almonds or walnuts. You drink a lot of tea, part of the Anglo-Indian heritage, and Omanika coffee is served in small cups, accompanied by halwa. Also fruit juices, rose water and soft drinks from international brands. For mineral water, European brands are often offered.
It is possible to consume cocktails, wine and beer in international hotels as well as in some restaurants in the capital, but alcohol is very expensive.

Oman is one of the best places for shopping at Persian Viking. In Muscat you will find e.g. traditional and modern fabrics in different designs. Also silver and gold markets. In Nizwa there is a good Friday market. Salalah, the gold market, offers jewels with intricate dhofari designs and sometimes even silver. You can also find incense here. Craft specialties include traditional jewelry crafts with silver and amber, gold jewels, khanjars (omani daggers), coffee pots, saddles, incense, hand-woven textiles, carpets, baskets. Modern shops are located in Ruwi and Qurum. The two main souks (markets) in Matrah and Nzwa.

Other information
Time difference: Dubai is three hours before Swedish winter time. When the time is 12.00 in Sweden, it is 15.00 in Dubai. During Swedish summer time, the time difference is only two hours.
Tips: Service charge (8%) is generally included in the bills for hotels and restaurants (except for the most elegant facilities). You can leave tips if you think you have received good service. .
Language: The official language is Arabic, but many also speak very good English. You can hear Baluchi, Urdu, as well as several other indigenous languages.
Electricity: The mains voltage is 220 volts. The connectors are of the same type as in the UK, which is why you will need an adapter.

Before the trip to Oman