Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

According to, Abbottstown, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Adams County. It has a population of just over 1,100 people and is situated about two miles from the county seat of Gettysburg. The borough was named after Abraham Abbott, who established the borough in 1851.

Abbottstown is located within the Appalachian Mountains and is surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. The town itself is quite small, with just a few blocks of shops and businesses. The downtown area features a variety of stores, restaurants, and services to meet the needs of its residents.

The most popular attractions in Abbottstown are the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum and National Park Service Visitor Center. This museum offers visitors an up-close look at the history surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg as well as artifacts from the conflict. Visitors can also take guided tours to explore other sites related to the battle such as Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, and Cemetery Ridge.

The town also has several points of interest that make it unique and worth visiting for those looking for something different to do in Pennsylvania. One such attraction is Codorus State Park which offers visitors a chance to explore nature trails or take part in boating activities on Lake Marburg. Nearby you can find historic sites like President James Buchanan’s birthplace or the historic village of Biglerville which was home to one of America’s first paper mills built by Benjamin Franklin’s brother-in-law John Foulke in 1790.

In addition to its historical attractions, Abbottstown provides plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation activities like fishing, hunting, camping, hiking trails and more. Residents can also take advantage of nearby golf courses or enjoy shopping at local stores along Main Street in downtown Abbottstown or visit nearby outlet malls for great deals on clothing and other goods.

For those looking for an interesting night out there are several bars and pubs around town including popular spots like The Bullfrog Bar & Grill or Doc’s Pub & Grille which offer live music events throughout the year as well as karaoke nights during certain weekends throughout summer months. There are also several festivals held each year including an annual arts festival featuring local artists displaying their work along Main Street every June as well as an annual car show held each August featuring classic cars from all eras displayed around town square downtown Abbottstown.

All-in-all, Abbottstown provides its residents with plenty to do throughout the year making it a great place to live or visit if you’re looking for something different than what you might find elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Hhistory of Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

Abbottstown, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Adams County in the south central part of the state. The area was first settled by German immigrants in 1742 who were attracted to the area’s fertile soil and ample timber resources. The town was originally known as “Krammesdorf” after one of the original settlers, and was later renamed “Abbottstown” in 1802 after a local landowner, Colonel Thomas Abbott.

In 1811, Abbottstown was officially incorporated as a borough. At this time, it had become a bustling agricultural center with several mills and businesses located within its boundaries. In addition to these, the town also boasted several churches and schools, making it an ideal place for families to settle down.

During the early 19th century, Abbottstown experienced some significant growth due to its location on the Lincoln Highway (the first transcontinental highway in America). This increased traffic helped to bring new businesses into town which further expanded its commercial base. The railroad also arrived during this period which allowed for even greater trade and commerce opportunities for residents of Abbottstown.

In 1860, the population of Abbottstown had grown to approximately 500 people and it continued to grow steadily over the next few decades as more people moved into town looking for employment opportunities or simply seeking a quieter life away from big cities like Harrisburg or Philadelphia.

By 1900, Abbottstown had become an important hub for transportation with both railroads and trolleys running through town connecting it with other towns in Adams County as well as nearby York County. It also became home to several factories that produced everything from clothing to shoes during this period of industrialization.

Despite all of these economic boons over time, however, Abbottstown has remained relatively small throughout its history; today its population is only around 1,000 people strong. While there may not be much room for growth here anymore due to its size limitations there are still plenty of opportunities here for those looking for rural charm with easy access to urban amenities such as shopping centers or entertainment venues found just minutes away in nearby towns like Gettysburg or Hanover.

Despite being small in size there is still plenty here that can capture your heart; from beautiful rolling hillsides filled with wildlife such as deer and wild turkeys to quaint streets lined with historic homes that have stood since colonial times; you can find something here that will make you feel right at home no matter what your interests may be.

Abbottstown, Pennsylvania